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Personally I consider health to be the main value being the number one concern of a human. That is why our products are not just high-quality dietary supplements but a whole philosophy of a healthy lifestyle which helps people live every day of their life healthily and positively.

The secret of our success lies in constant progress. Day-to-day development, the ability to listen to people's needs and to hear them are the principles we have been sticking to for over 7 years. Throughout these years we have been analyzing how we can help. In a world of sedentary lifestyle full of stressful situations, we want to restore hope for a healthy and active generation.

As a result, we concluded that an exceptionally thorough approach to the research, uncompromising raw materials selection and a special control of production gives us the right to refer to ourselves as a conscientious producer and be confident in every our client's health.


Company founder

Company's philosophy


Nowadays, proper nutrition is not a miracle drug but a happy long life formula. And it is directly connected with a balanced consumption of high-quality biologically active supplements.

Therefore, only optimal nutrients are needed for a person's good health and there is no room for a compromise. Our dietary supplements are developed individually to meet the needs of clients of all age groups.

Only high-quality organic substances providing necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids become the ingredients for our products which can be offered individually or in special kits.


Years of hard work, doubts and exhaustion, revolutionary inventions, bold actions and difficult decisions are behind each story of success. We devote a considerable amount of attention to the development, close market studying, fast response to client's needs because all points listed guarantee the quality of our dietary supplements.

All products are strictly monitored in terms of quality and are continuously improved. It is important for us that the staff are qualified in the field of hygiene, quality control and goods documentation.

Vitaminhoch3 stands for high-quality dietary supplements as well as for professionalism in the development of certified products. Our products comply with the highest quality requirements and are manufactured near Frankfurt, Germany. The company believes that it is possible to get our products recognized only by manufacturing them ourselves.

Why are we chosen among others

Main advantages VH3


All our products are grown and manufactured exceptionally in Germany with the use of modern high-quality equipment.


We never neglect strict rules concerning raw materials purchase as well as respect for the quality standards, that allows to guarantee the safety of our products and compliance with European standards such as GMP, ISO 9001 and HACCP.


No harmful additives or chemicals of questionable quality are used in the production process.


In order to guarantee high quality, our company conducts 3000 tests monthly and over 170000 quality assessments yearly.

Stages of VH3 production

4 key stages


The company closely monitors the sources of raw materials and uses only natural ingredients from organic farms.


In order to preserve useful substances, we pay much attention to a light method of raw materials processing and follow strictly monitored production methods.


In order to prevent the negative impact on the body, we avoid using synthetic ingredients and benefit from plant-based raw materials even in capsules production.


Exceptionally close monitoring of each stage of production as well as health promotion allow us to succeed and see smiles of everyone who chooses VH3 products.

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